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Plant-based organic solutions for food and livestock.


Tamuz Technologies brings together a team of passionate and driven experts from various fields of the industry. We work relentlessly to distribute our products globally, with the belief that our solutions have major impact on the quality of the food we eat - starting from the quality and health of livestock to the packaged food on the supermarket shelf. 

We believe the most effective way to create a greener world is by creating economic incentives to commercial enterprises to go green, and that is exactly what our products achieve.



Our products are all plant-based, organic and FDA approved GRAS materials. We have also developed a synthetic solution for industrial purposes - according to our client's needs. We have discovered a compound by extracting phytochemicals and molecules from species of fruit from the Rosaceae plant family that contain unique and specific features, from which we developed our products. We are in the pursuit of helping both the food producing industries, the people buying the food and the global goal to reduce food waste. 


Livestock Feed Additive

We have developed a livestock feed additive that assists the animal's immune system to effectively fight off diseases. This additive substantially lowers the livestock mortality rate and eliminates the need for many other additives and antibiotics.


Food Preservative

We have developed an easy to use food preservative that can be applied externally to food products, such as fish, poultry, beef and dairy products. Tamuz preservatives are a healthy solution to prolong our every day food's shelf life.



Yozma 2, Tirat Hacarmel, Haifa Israel

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